"We take care of all things travel.
A single unit that specializes in creating an assured holiday,
stress-free corporate events and hassle-free travel arrangements.
You can trust us to guide you every step of the way."

Our services

Holiday Packages

Any place nationwide and International specialization in Dubai, Bali, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia. All suppliers are locally based and thus an unbeatable price!


Domestic and International. Your favorite airline or the most affordable. Your choice, our guarantee.


Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions. We plan corporate events and engagements with the utmost care and aim to deliver a quality output that is un-matched. Period! College Trips/Industrial Visits: Single day events for educational purposes or picnic arrangements for Schools, Colleges and Educational Societies.

Visit Visas

You name the country and we'll do it for you.

What makes us tick?

We have been in business for a bit over two years although connected to the industry for just over 9, in this time we have travelled, explored and met like-minded individuals who believe in the art of knowing more than just our neighborhood, our people and our community. With all the travels comes all the hassles and we understand how cumbersome and hectic it is to get everything right, and thus we decided to put all our experiences together and provide a service that is all encompassing and all the more fulfilling.

The People

A small team of 6 spearheaded by two everyday JOE'S, we can be anything depending on the day of the week: leaders, holiday experts, event planners, trip schedulers, travel advisors, social media managers, motivators or down on luck upstarts. But above all else we are consumers just like you, nothing matters more to us than trust and loyalty! It's guaranteed.

Local reach

We believe in providing you the best experience at a reasonable price and we achieve that by partnering with local suppliers and reaching out to the home communities. This helps us not only to get the best product for you but also help the local economy by cutting the middleman.